HOW TO EAT RAMEN LIKE A BOSS!! 1. Boil some water. 2. EAT RAMEN! 3. DRINK BOILING WATER! 4. SNORT CHICKEN POWDER! 5. Fuck bitches. amirite?

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like a mo'fuckin CEO: 1. Shove noodles in ass. 2. Absorb nutrients directly through prostate. 3. Pour powder in eyes, use chicken flavoring to acquire chicken-like powers. 4. Adopt a Kenyan and beat him in a double marathon.


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I just spent a good couple of minutes rofling!

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The voice in your head kicked ass when you read this, amirite?

I don't care if it was stolen. It made me actually laugh out loud, and I don't do that a lot on the internets.

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That would be a "WIN"

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i don't care if this was stolen, it's hilarious.

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Coincidence!? I think not!

Like a bowss. (Dear grammar nazis, the misspelling is intentional. :) )

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@Double_hawk Dude you spelled "boss" wrong...

(I’m the same anonymous) I enjoyed your sarcasm and rated your comment up.

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@(I’m the same anonymous) I enjoyed your sarcasm and rated your comment up.

I'm glad you understood my joke. Now we can both share a laugh and drink some milk to help strengthen our bones

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This comment was deleted by its author.

It's funny cause someone else already said that

you butcherd the shit outta this.

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Stolen from highdeas.com

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Chinese Guy FTW!!!

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GTFO THIEF. already said but stolen from highdeas

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Aaaand stolen from Tumblr. Yup(: But its funny(:

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i saw this on funnyjunk

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I noticed how a few different people said it was stolen from several different websites...So then where did it originate???

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I like it up until you say fuck bitches. Women don't appreciate being objectified.

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