It's "teh internets", not "the internet". amirite?

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Or even better: "teh internetz"

I prefer interwebz. To each their own though I suppose.

Lens avatar Len No Way +2Reply

And it sure as hell isn't the interwebs. InterwebZ is fine because then everyone knows you're just joking, but interwebS is not. It is the internet, the net, as in internet, world wide web, or web, as in world wide web, but not interweb or interwebs. IT pisses me off when people use that as the actual name for the internet, because it sounds like they're trying too hard to be passively whimsical. Or maybe it's because it's the sort of thing my 9th grade physics teacher would say (to sound passively whimsical), and she's the second most annoying person on the planet.

The same way it's a motor car or an automobile, but not a motormobile.

This was funny. Enough said.

xlheightss avatar xlheights Yeah You Are +1Reply

I hear there are rumors on the Internets...

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