It's kind of sad how teenagers these days treat serious things (depression, eating disorders, rape, sexual orientation, etc.) like they're jokes, amirite?

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Hey if you can't laugh at the world what are you living for?

It's also sad how some teenagers today take life way too seriously

This really needs to say "some teenagers." Really.

Some things are so terrible that it actually helps to take away some of the power their name has by treating them as if they don't mean all that much after all- for example, I'm sure not a single girl on this site would take it lightly if they or anyone they knew really got raped. However, joking about rape(like wall rape) is a way for us to say "We don't live in fear; we laugh in the face of danger and live our lives freely, despite the fact that just being a girl makes you more likely to be a victim of sexual assault".

chill, everythings a joke to teenagers.

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@chill, everythings a joke to teenagers.

Err, I am a teenager, and while joking is funny and trendy or whatever it can get way out of hand.

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i dont think its just a teenager thing.

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We all vote yeah you are but yet we do it.

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we dont treat them. some of us have it

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Not if you are also a guy. =P

sexual orientation is funny...

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not kind of.

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