President Bush was not the brightest president we have had, he waved at Stevie Wonder. You have to be pretty stupid to wave at a blind person, amirite?

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Bush-bashing was fun while he was president because people knew why the fuck he was so stupid. Kids now just hear everyone else bad-mouthing him and are like "LOLZ bush so stupid y they even let him in offis?"

LMAO... exactly. Of course, there was plenty of evidence on any of the "Dubya-isms" sites of what an idiot he was. Also, I personally do not find the fact that he made our whole country look like a bunch of stupid rednecks to the world "funny"... I found it embarassing and sad. I couldn't be gladder that he's gone, never to return.

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ya@788781 (Freddy): ya

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Aaah, Bash.org :)

he was just demonstrating to the American people how far one should go to uphold equality. I don't think that's stupid- I think it's American.