It could be really awkward when someone tells you they're horny, amirite?

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"Steve, did you finish the reports I left on your desk?"
"I'm horny."

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I'm horny.

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@I'm horny.

It can be. I am not saying it always is. In this case, it's completely appropriate.

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you changed your picture! :O

"Hey Mommmmmmmmmm!" "WHAT?" "I'm horny."

@Mary "Hey Mommmmmmmmmm!" "WHAT?" "I'm horny."

I think you have bigger problems than being horny if you're telling your mom that you're horny.

Or, it could be awesome.

@Mike_Hawk Or, it could be awesome.

If i told you i was horny right now, you would be creeped

@WolfeDeWary If i told you i was horny right now, you would be creeped

Wouldn't matter to me. Last person to tell me they were horny was my girlfriend. That's awesome, in my book.

lol one of my friends got hacked and wrote that on someone's wall
had me laughing like hell hahas hehe smilie

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or it could be a big turn on ;)

Happened to me when I was talking to 'no-name'. He sure knows how to break the ice. I cleverly replied, "I'd rather text. My phone has really bad reception in my house." I was using the house phone ;)

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it depends on who said it and how it came about.

Never ;)

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