"Why bother playing Guitar Hero when you can play the real thing?" How about you stop playing Black Ops and go kill some real people? Amirite?

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Playing real guitar is infinitely cooler, you actually have the chance of getting somewhere with it. You are more likely to get laid if you are awesome at guitar rather than a game

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I like this post.

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Somebody already did this post with just generalizing and saying COD, and also, it takes A LOT less time to learn how to press 5 buttons in sequence than it does to plating using 6 strings in awkward combinations on the entire neck of a full length guitar

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was this an actual trolling attempt? if it was, you fail.

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I KNEW THIS WOULD MAKE THE HOMEPAGE. I kind of love you, troll.

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It's feasible to learn and play a guitar within the same amount of time you play guitar hero. Also, one does not have to take another's life.

Yeah, because it's the same.

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