In futuristic/sci-fi TV shows you never see a bathroom, hear someone ask for directions to one when they are unfamiliar with a place, or mention anything to do with one, amirite?

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Fact: aliens don't use bathrooms.

I believe on Futurama as well.

@Blearslyrarer I believe on Futurama as well.

Fry: "Hey, I was frozen. I think I know what people wanna hear when they first wake up."
-to unfrozen guy-
"Bathroom's that way."

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Ah, I wasn't talking about cartoons; you guys are right about those. I meant shows like any Star Trek series or Battlestar Galactica or something.

3rd Rock from the Sun wasn't futuristic, or set in space. You might as well have brought up Coneheads.

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In Jurassic Park, a dinosaur eats a guy while he's on the toilet.

With the exception of ST: Enterprise, which is the most "primitive" of that type I've seen. There are shower scenes and toilet humor in that one.

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They talk about using the bathroom all the time in 3rd rock from the sun.

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