You had not idea that "spagettification" is a real word until now, or that its the theoretical definition of what would happen if you were to be sucked into a black hole, amirite?

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I thought it meant the art of eating spaghetti.

I Googled it and apparently you spelt it wrong, it's actually spaghettification. It basically means steaching stuff to look like spaghetti through the use of a balckhole haha

Don't believe it? Look it up, it's true.

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nope, I actually did learn that exact metaphor when I was younger :D

I read it in some book when I was younger. Though I only remembered it now, when I read your post, so I'm not sure what that would count as. :P

@Amish_Allosaurus *nor

D@mn grammar Nazi...

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Nope. Learned this in my college astronomy class. Hooray for awesome elective credits!

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