Boobs were made for babies. And the fact that men are so infatuated with them says something about men's maturity, amirite?

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It's true, but we love them that way. =) Guys, I mean. If we ceased to be able to dazzle them with our boobs, it would make our lives a lot harder, amirite?

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raises hand I appreciate a good penis. I appreciated one so much, I married it xD He was a skinny skatergeek when we met; no abs to speak of. They can be attractive, but I find them equally so on women most of the time. A person who obviously takes good care of themselves can be sexy shrug I think that Lauther kid's abs are a bit too much; I prefer flatter, sleeker muscle rather than so round and puffy. Those make me think of steroids for some reason and it's just ew.

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Why can't you girls appreciate a good penis?

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Yeah, it just means we're thinking of others. Unlike women, selfish bitches.

same could be said about legs. some guys love womens legs but reali they are simply made for walking...

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why complain? boobs let girls basically control guys lol

Tits or gtfo.
But seriously, we could say the same about girls liking abs. What the hell do you want those abs for? They're his, not yours.

Go boobies!

I don't know, I think its a darwinism sort of thing.

*lautner, whatever.

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o gosh your brilliant haha

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...Except, human females, unlike any other species, have boobs all the time. Which is because we've evolved to have boobs because human males are attracted to them. Whereas no other males are attracted to boobs, which is why females of other species only have them when nursing.

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Women are more obsessed with boobs then men, other womens boobs and getting their own to look nice. But more importantly I am pretty sure even S.Hawkins loves a good pair and he is by no means immature.

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