You don't know any white people, amirite?

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You mean they exist? wary smilie I thought it was a lie made by the government.

i love gardening

I am a white people D:

I don't know any black people either.

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What kind of ghetto do YOU live in?

I can't believe there are 42+ people who don't know any white people.

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black people aren't actually "Black". Rather they are shades of Ebonys and Browns. Are Asians actually yellow? What a silly topic.

Oh and it "Black is the absence of color"

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I just don't know.

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I YW because really, no one is the color white.
aaand, I would just like to point out that black is the abstince of color, so in the mid 1900's when there were 'colored' and 'white' drinking fountains, the caucasian people would really have to go to the colored drinking fountain. Just saying.

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what kind of post is this?

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@what kind of post is this?

(!): That's a dumb question.

I'm white, in real life


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I don't know any Asians

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@I don't know any Asians

Whoah dude, TOO FAR.

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@I don't know any Asians

1.5/5 of the world is Asian did you know?
BTW I'm Asian, here's you're meet an Asian person medal

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