When someone in a show or movie you are watching says something corny or stupid, you suddenly feel embarrassed, as though YOU said it, amirite?

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I believe the term is "second-hand embarassment."

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@I believe the term is "second-hand embarassment."

(Milks.favorite.cooki): Took the words right out of my mouth

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Prime example: Emma Stone's "how hard can YOU throw" mini-monologue in The House Bunny.

Like in the movie "wild wild west". That movie was filled with those moments.

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Whenever there's a moment like that, I blush and hide my face

It always makes me embarrassed to be a human

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Michael Gary Scott. I love him, but sometimes I can't stand to watch him. Especially when he talks to Holly.

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I can't stand to watch those parts! If I know one is coming up, I mute it.

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