You love your boyfriend. You think he's super cute. But you refuse to make it facebook official till his facebook gets a cuter picture so your friends won't think you're dating an ugly guy, amirite?

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How freakin' shallow are you? If you're more worried about what your friends think than about the depth of your relationship, you don't DESERVE a relationship.

Oh well, not that it matters. With an attitude like that, it won't last!

Etherials avatar Etherial No Way +20Reply

Sorry hun, I don't think that's love.

@Applesnbananas Sorry hun, I don't think that's love.

Why your wrong. The OP is clearly heads over heels for her boyfriend. Marry him OP!! Right Away!! And have kids as soon as possible.

He's probably ugly in every other picture too.
P.s. LOL @ you, that's not love in the slightest if that's how you feel.

Eminnas avatar Eminna No Way +8Reply

No. I don't make it fb official because I don't want to deal with the drama and all the comments and people I really dont care about that are talking about me.

You love him so much you care what your friends think he looks like? That's true love <3 /sarcasm

To be honest, you can't love someone if the first compliment you think about them is 'he is super cute' -.-'

If you love someone it usually involves some aspect of their personality to make you feel like that.

"Facebook official"? no smilie

Sergs avatar Serg No Way +2Reply

I wait a while to make it FB official because I haven't told my parents because it might not actually work out in the first few days. After 2/3 days I tell my parents, then when we both want to we put it on facebook. Simple.

_Z_s avatar _Z_ No Way 0Reply
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