It must be really fun to have an interracial brother/sister because then when people ask who your friend is, then you could say "Duh, it's my brother/sister! Can't you see the family resemblance?", amirite?

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I don't think "interracial" really works for this.

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... I meant the word "interracial."

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You just wouldn't use interracial there. You could ssay "sibling of another race." You would use interracial for something like "interracial marriage" or "interracial school." Tells you that it is something composed of different races. You could have interracial siblings, but I don't think a single person is interracial.

I've done this with my cousin before. I'm a big fat strong 6-foot-tall half-black dude, and she's a tiny little white blond athletic type. People are a bit surprised.

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I do that with my adopted brothers.

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I do that with my cousins. My cousins are all pasty white and have blonde hair and blue eyes. I'm black...enough to count

I have an adopted white brother. I haven't seen him since I was 10, though.

I totally thought of remember the titans here. Please tell me im not the only one. its like a direct quote at the end c'mon, anyone?

It's hilarious because people go to my sister "Asian"...they go to my brother and say "Black"...they come to me "Indian."

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