"Extra virgin" has never made sense to me. I guess it's sposed to mean "extra no-sex,", amirite?

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I'm pretty sure it means that the olive oil has been playing World of Warcraft.

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Was this supposed to be a joke?

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You mean "supposed to" right?

ono smilie

This is so far from funny.

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well, then your a nun.


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FYI people, it's classified as a joke because I didn't know what to classify it as. I don't think olive oil has anything to do with life.
And if you're never heard of extra-virgin olive oil, then I apologize. ;P.
Luv Clo

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I'm clueless, I guess. I've never heard of "extra virgin."

the only way i've heard extra-virgin referenced is with oilve oil, and a quick wikipedia trip solves that mystery

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