They should make one new episode for "Drake & Josh" about Oprah being cancelled, amirite?

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"Josh Commits Suicide"

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Best 'newer' show Nick ever had.

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Drake: Hey, y'know Oprah is getting cancelled, right?

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I Posted an amirite about this but it said "Josh Nichols must be crying in a corner" it made top faves(: Should of thought about that one too! haha.:PP

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Oprah isn't being canceled, she's just not renewing her contract and she's getting her own channel.

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what the hell is she gonna do 24/7? Play repeats with a new episode at four? What is she gonna do for the rest of that time period?!

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yeah, she's getting her own channel and ruining my whole life. Did you know that her network is supported in part by Discovery and they are replacing the Discovery Health Channel with the Oprah Winfrey Network? Oprah Winfrey is ruining my entire life.

oprah sucks

Hahahaha this post made my day. Possibly my week. I laughed so hard.

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Josh ends up hanging himslef

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