If you touch someone's bellybutton for more than 10 seconds, it's considered rape. Does this mean that touching your OWN bellybutton for more than 10 seconds is considered masturbation? amirite?

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OMG my parents caught me masturbating like that last weekend, So embarrassing!

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If you have a fetish for that...then by all means

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I told this to a really really hot girl in school, so she thought it was funny and stuck her finger in my bellybutton 10 seconds.

Please PLEASE let it be considered rape :P

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This comment was deleted by its author.

I know it probably isn't really considered rape, I just thought it was funny.

ashlaaaays avatar ashlaaaay Yeah You Are -1Reply

Guess what im doin? ................................................................................................................................................................................ masturbating poke poke tee hee tee hee tee hee

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ohhh that why im not allowed nerby a chuck cheese!!!!!

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All these comments r funny

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ummm then i got raped by myself lol

only if i like it... jk jk

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I always knew it as 30 seconds.. not 10 D;

so basically awkward contact for about seven seconds anywhere is rape then. fun.

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i raped my father i think he raped me back but idk............................................ i really dont want it to be rape!!!!!!!!!

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Its fake :)

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I just raped my friends & they raped me if I liked it is it consider a rape? D;

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@I just raped my friends & they raped me if I liked it is it consider a rape? D;

No because if you like it when people stick their finger into your belly button it feels really good inside so if you like it then awesome I like it too!

I'm raping myself =P ... ... Hehehe =3

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I'm doing it to myself now! :D

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i really dont see how that is considered "rape" it sounds ridiculous. and disturbing. what if kids accidentally come across this? they could tell the wrong people and get their parents in trouble...u people don't think before you act. that's so wrong. you ought to be ashamed of your selves for doing and thinking that way.

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OH SHIT ! I'm RAPING MYSELF ! :O hahaahah

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I raped someone!
It was funny!
Wanna know how?
I touched their belly button for more than 7 to 10 seconds....LOL! :P

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Well as I read all of ur Bull shit was I jus raped by my husband this whole time over and over as his finger still in my belly button considered rape as a victim of rape as well if ur on hear or have feelings still ur not letting go u shouldn't be looking up content of this y must of been curious about it if u said something or even looked at this in the first place besides that urban dictionary says two definitions for this I advise most of u look it up and take the broom sticks out of ur asses I actually looked this up as for the fuck of it but dam I must say I've been poked enough on f.b and I'd much rather I like my own belly button ty.

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This is offensive to people that have actually been raped. Don't joke about it.

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@This is offensive to people that have actually been raped. Don't joke about it.

joke is offensive to people who take things way too seriously and never laugh, don't use that word.

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@This is offensive to people that have actually been raped. Don't joke about it.

I have been raped and even though it hurt I know the difference between the real thing and a joke so loosen up its not like its real rape its just something stupid people came up with.

Someone told me the rape thing about armpits. If you stick your hand in someone's armpit for 6 seconds, it's rape, apparently.

midnightcookiess avatar midnightcookies Yeah You Are -2Reply

How is it considered rape?.

@SolFlower How is it considered rape?.

Idk, I heard that somewhere but it probably isn't even true.

ashlaaaays avatar ashlaaaay Yeah You Are 0Reply
@SolFlower How is it considered rape?.

it IS true in the state of Georgia ..

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Touching someone at my school is sexual harrassment...and so is the belly button, but yeah I think it's funny how people consider that rape. :)

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No. You are not right. You are, in fact, incredibly gullible and possibly stupid if you give such a statement any semblance of credit whatsoever.

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