Sometimes you get a word stuck in your head rather than a song. amirite?

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guineasaurusrexs avatar guineasaurusrex Yeah You Are +8Reply

I hate when I get only one part stuck in my head. I had, "Beeeads of jade" from "Honor to us all" from Mulan stuck in my head for days.

Dammit. It's back.

Lollerderbys avatar Lollerderby Yeah You Are +6Reply

One time it was my Spanish teacher saying "open your books" in Spanish. D:

@stoneonthewater One time it was my Spanish teacher saying "open your books" in Spanish. D:

abren tus libros?
I've had my Spanish teacher's New York accent saying "cuadernos" stuck in my head many a time...

riceftws avatar riceftw Yeah You Are 0Reply

Nihilism. Nihilism. Nihilism. Nihilism. DAMNIT, I barely even know what this means!

The_Enlighteneds avatar The_Enlightened Yeah You Are +4Reply


Anonymous +4Reply

I've had "Shia Labeouf" stuck in my head.

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I had a French word stuckin my head the other day, it pissed me off

RaShEllllAs avatar RaShEllllA Yeah You Are +2Reply

or sentence. I had "I will not let you down!" in spongebob's voice in my head for like a 20 minute period... its bak!!!!!!!


Anonymous +1Reply

I get random Spanish phrases stuck in my head. It gets really annoying at times.

Anonymous +1Reply

I've had "pink is the new black" (said in a really weird voice) stuck in my head on multiple occasions.

ItsATraps avatar ItsATrap Yeah You Are +1Reply

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Anonymous +1Reply

Potatoes. I like potatoes.

SEXY_BEASTs avatar SEXY_BEAST Yeah You Are 0Reply

That was a good show.

Anonymous 0Reply

That was a good show.

Anonymous 0Reply

"snacks!" "snacks snacks snacks."

YouTube video thumbnail Here, find out the rest of the song.

awesomeguys avatar awesomeguy Yeah You Are 0Reply

I thought it was just me!

Mine is 'super duper,' though technically that's two words.

thebushbabys avatar thebushbaby Yeah You Are 0Reply

When your mind repeatsa song or word it is actually your mind having a small seizure or spasm that is making it repeat itself.

Anonymous 0Reply

I've had "siete!" stuck in my head before... What's with the Spanish??? Half the comments say a Spanish word or phrase...

I conjugate latin verbs in my head randomly. It's so annoying. Amo, amas, amat, amamis, amatis, amant.

Percys avatar Percy Yeah You Are 0Reply
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