To help people get a better understanding of different cultures, the "foreign exchange student" program should be mandatory for all students around the world. Instead of visiting (like a tourist), the person would have to take on the responsibilities of the person they replaced so they can get a better feel of what people in other countries go through in their everyday life, amirite?

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mandatory? And where is all the money to fund this coming from? Interesting idea but ts execution would be impossible

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It would sound like a good idea, but mandatory? I think not.

Sounds like a good idea but I dont think EVERYONE should do this. Like I know a lot of people who would just ruin the experience because they just suck. Like I cant fully explain

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Unlike the others, I think it's just a plain horrible idea.

Besides all the money, not everyone wants to be cultured, some people are happy in their bubble. You can't just make a kid in school leave their family if the student, and family, doesn't want to.

It costs like $30,000 USD to be a foreign exchange student. Now think of all those people.

Taking in a foreign exchange student would be a great experience and opportunity but no way should it be mandatory. Just not possible.

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Not enough money in education to make it mandatory.

I wouldn't mind visiting a different country with my family, but making it mandatory for me to live with a bunch of strangers on my own...I'd be extremely uncomfortable.

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What does that mean?

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