For girls: You hate the way tight jeans feel, but you hate the way loose jeans look, amirite?

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Solution: don't wear pants! :D

RaShEllllAs avatar RaShEllllA Yeah You Are +14Reply

i think theyère comfortable. as long as theyre not baggy in the crotch, shit i hate hat.

Montanas avatar Montana No Way +11Reply

I feel the need to point out that guys wear skinny jeans as well.

I think tight jeans are comfortable because, unlike with loose jeans, I don't have to keep pulling them up or adjusting them. Also, loose jeans just feel really weird.

jeggiings! (;

Anonymous +1Reply

I love loose jeans and personally dislike the skinny jean fad that's going on to the point where skinny jeans are all you can find in stores.

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