Good news is you got a positive result on your test. The bad news is you slept with someone to get it but the worst news is that it's a pregnancy test, amirite?

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I think it would be worse if it were AIDS or something. But then I guess people would get all angry and be like "don't joke around about AIDS!" Because people get offended by really stupid things.

I think if it wasn't a pregnancy test, that would be the worst news. At least with pregnancy, one eventually wont be pregnant anymore and a girl won't get everyone pregnant that she sleeps with. Amirite?

If the positive result is good news, how is the fact that it's a pregnancy test the worst news?

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This post is stupid. There was no good news, unless you wanted to be pregnant, and then it was all good news. Either way, it fails.

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Good job. Saw this on FunnyJunk?

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No, the worst news would be if you got AIDS, not pregnant.

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