If you have a parent who's died: it makes you sick to hear people complaining about having to spend time with their parents. They're lucky just to have them, amirite?

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People with both parents alive feel this way too :)

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Its also terrible when people post statuses on facebook like

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I Don't have one of my parents and I still complain about hanging out with my dad so much

Sorry, but if my mother is fucking annoying, then she is fucking annoying. A sob story, unfortunately, isn't going to make me love going out with her.

It hurts me when people have both parents that still love each other and take it for granted because my parents are divorced.

You know, not everybody's parents love and support them in ways that their children should be grateful for. Mine practically disowned me two years ago by dumping me off halfway across the country.

@Lupus Whoah... Realy? Please, tell me more about this. I'm curious.

Well, my parents were 15 when they had me, and I guess I was a good idea at the the time. As I grew older, though, and we both matured, I started to noticed that they were less and less invested in me. My first indication that they didn't really like me was when my mother told me never to smile showing my teeth because my teeth were ugly. Things heated up from there, and when I was 18, they exploded. For whatever reason, my mom just really hated my boyfriend, whom I'd been dating for six years at the time. To me, I would have been a druggie living in an alley somewhere passed out half the time without him, but to her, that's what he was making me. Our argument resulted in me storming out into the street and getting hit by a car. After I came home from the hospital, I expected my parents to be apologetic about it, you know, like, "Oh my goodness, the last things I ever said to my daughter could have been terrible!" That wasn't exactly the case. (cont.)

@ghost_nappa Well, my parents were 15 when they had me, and I guess I was a good idea at the the time. As I grew older, though...

She called me an idiot for getting run over and had another fight. She told me to pack my stuff and get in the car. We drove for about 8 or 9 hours, where she promptly dropped me off in some random town in Montana. I figured out that this was the town where my aunt lived, and I found my way to her house where I lived for the next six months. My parents and I haven't spoken since.

@Lupus ... Wow... I'm so sorry. I realy am.

I haven't really let it affect me. I'd rather live my life happy knowing that I can support myself and never have to see them again than be depressed wishing for something that's never going to happen.

I have both my parents, and I still hate it when I hear people talking like that.

Or when one of your parents was in the hospital for a few months.

I agree and kinda disagree
There are parents out there that really do treat their child like crap they really wish they didnt have them
But its kinda the same for everyone thats lost someone
I havent lost any friends or family members so maybe my view isnt really valid

This pisses me off even without having lost my parents. It's slightly different if you know what their parents are like and there's a really obvious reason they don't want to be around them, but most of the time they're just being dicks and blowing stuff out of proportion. A lot of my friends treat their parents like shit for no reason whatsoever =/

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i still have both of my parents(which i am fortunate of), but i have no grandparents, and all my relatives live FAR away from me. So its hard also, just on a different level

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I agree.

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my father died when i was 7 and sometimes i complain about my mother, i feel bad afterwards but i would feel the same even if my dad was alive. just because one parent is dead doesn't necessarily make you treasure the other more than you would if u haven't lost them.

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I rely on my parents for food and shelter. That doesn't mean I have to like them whether you liked one of yours that keeled over or not.

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