You don't often expect a guy to be deep, but you're pleasantly surprised when he is, amirite?

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I read this in the most sexual way possible and it took me a few times to realize it wasn't sexual at all. Mind fail.

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I always expect a guy to go deep...

RaShEllllAs avatar RaShEllllA Yeah You Are +10Reply

thats EXACTLY how i read it too

hello smilie

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You know your post has a double meaning when 14 out of the 15 comments are about how sexual it sounded, amirite?

Guys should be deep too. It makes all of us girls look weird that we are and they arent.

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lol I thought I was the only dirty mind that saw it : (

TalkingRices avatar TalkingRice Yeah You Are 0Reply

Oh, thank god it wasn't just me who read it as 'go deep' :')

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