The perfect boy is one who doesnt play COD; the perfect girl is one who does, amirite?

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Apparently if I treat everyone else like crap I'd still be perfect as long as I don't play COD.

meh, gamer girls really aren't that rare. or special.

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What's wrong with playing COD?
I play it but I still give attention to the world around me.
Not like I spend 24 hours on it.

I'm a girl, and I play COD.

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Princess Peach is going kick-ass. Somewhere, Mario is rejoicing.

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I spend about an hour on cod each day... lol. I don't think that's bad...

gamer, yes. cod player, no. guess that explains why i have a girl then :]

Ha! This is why I play reach!

I'm a girl who plays CoD. My boyfriend doesn't. It's really ironic. :)

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