You still go to parties with your friends, and none of these parties consist of drugs, drinking or sex. amirite?

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And they are still way more fun than the other.

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Sex - no
Drugs - mostly no
Drinks - often

Idk why you had to add the word "still" but yeah, almost every party I've been to has had alcohol and usually weed smokin'. I'm talking like ACTUAL parties like over 40 people. Not bs "cookie parties" and shit with a couple of friends.

We have cookie parties! They are so much fun 8)

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There's usually rumors about that stuff later, and I'm all... wait, what? I'm totally out of the loop XD

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College rules.

I don't go to parties because I don't really have any friends, but from what I've heard, the parties that people in my school go to are full of drinking/drugs/sex. But I've never seen it, so it could just be rumours...

I don't think you know what a "party" is..

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