Poor Rihanna, she tries to write a song and ends up putting jibberish in it: Disturbia - bum bum be dum bum bum be dum bum; Life your life - maya he maya hoo maya ha maya ha ha; Whats my name-Oh na na and Please don't stop the music-mama say mama sa ma ma ma sa, amirite?

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Umbrelle - ella ella ella eh eh eh

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@Umbrelle - ella ella ella eh eh eh

:O I knew I was missing one :/

Please Don't Stop the Music is actually: "I was saved by the sound of Michael's song." but the rest are right

That part in live your life isn't hers. Watch Numa Numa.

Live Your Life was sampled from Dragostea Din Tei/Numa Numa Yei

:O omg thanks for homepaging this! :D

One of the many reasons why mainstream music sucks.

yeah, but she didn't write those songs.

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why do you feel bad for rihanna because she talks jibberish in her songs?

This post has no point to it. you could literally say the same thing about any artist

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She can't speak properly since Chris Brown beat the shit outta her. That's why her songs are like that xD

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