The more you hang out with someone, the more you start talking like them. amirite?

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my sister picked up a slight southern accent from hanging out with someone at work so much

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One of my good friends is black. I've noticed that my laugh is starting to sound like her's.

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Yes, exactly... everyone has a "public face" for work/school/family gatherings... that's not about being fake, that's about having common sense and knowing there's a time and a place for certain things. =) Not what I meant at all. I can make "that's what she said" jokes with my boss, but most people would probably need to check that LOL

I've known people whose musical tastes, slang, mannerisms, everything... changes to be like whomever they consider to be the "coolest" person around atm, though, and that sucks.

I pick up catch phrases from my best friend all the time.

The follow up made this post better.

oh god my manneurisms all replicate my friends'.

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After I hung out with my best friend for a few weeks, I started saying "Oh snap!" all the time. He's black. I felt so racist. >.<

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Or dislike, depending what your first impression was.

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One of my friends always talks all sophisticated and now theres a couple sophisticated words in my vocabulary that I always use, while another one of my friends randomly roars like a dinosaur and I found myself doing that today. :)

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I think this is more true before your own personality is firmly established; I pick up catchphrases and whatnot from people, sure... that's how catchphrases spread... but I really don't like people who always act like the people they're around. When you're an adult, that's just being fake; I call it chameleon syndrome. I prefer the company of people who aren't afraid to show me who they really are, and accept me the same way.

@Black_No_1 I think this is more true before your own personality is firmly established; I pick up catchphrases and whatnot...

I agree that it is more predominant in those who are younger (and thus more susceptible to outside influences); however, I don't see the reasoning behind an attack against someone who merely picks up the same vibes and remote mannerisms as those he/she spends much of their time with. I accept all of my friends for who they are and they accept me the same way but that doesn't mean we are 'fake' once we start picking up certain things we like in each other. After all, reciprocationhowever subtleis a subconscious form of appreciation and comradery.

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It's not just about picking up mannerisms from the people you spend the most time with; it's about changing those mannerisms and the way you act when you're with different groups of people. Perhaps I was imprecise; when I say "chameleon syndrome", I'm speaking of people who become whoever they're with at the moment. It seems to me that those people either don't have any personality of their own, or they're too worried about whether or not everyone likes them to be honest.

@Black_No_1 It's not just about picking up mannerisms from the people you spend the most time with; it's about changing those...

I actually make adjustments in my manner when I'm interacting with certain groups IE: College friends, high school friends, coworkers, close family members, but in some way or another, I think we 'role play' to fit the situation. I think that it really depends on the extent to which you change (though I prefer adapt) to certain groups of people. (But that's just being nit-picky right)?

Bottom line though, I know what you mean; acting for the flow is a nauseating effect of peer pressure and a lack of security/identity that has become a parodied cliche in the High School Musical Movies shudders

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I agree.

Turtles are nice.

I guess that is why accents form. But after I went to camp for a month I started to laugh like my counselor.

haha mines the oppisite my best friend is black and shes started laughing like me but yes i do pick things up my friends say and if theyre doing the same thing u might b talking lik someone u dont kno!

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