Girls are pervs too, we're just better at hiding it, amirite?

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And yes, we are staring at your ass.

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why is this in politics?

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@why is this in politics?

Okay, show of hands. Who actually cares here?

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@why is this in politics?

It has EVERYTHING to do with politics. I can't believe you didn't make the connection. ;)

Not all of us ;D

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.~ Shhhhh.

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Those of us that bother to hide it; we don't really have to because guys generally think it's awesome xD

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Yeah pretty much.

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so true!! ;D

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Woah, I made this post yesterday and forgot about it. And now it has 487 "yeah you are!"'s? I'm surprised!

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This is actually very true, there have been studies done on it and women are much better at being sneeky while checking a guy out.

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