Girls: You wonder how large your penis would be if you were a boy, amirite?

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Posted by "Mike Hunt," lol.

I'm thinking like, this big. does over exaggerated approximation with hands

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Do you think it's relative to the size of your breasts?

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Theres two common tests to see how big like for guys (and girls if they wanna see), one is your thumb times three, which is kind of dumb, and the other is hold out your pointer finger and thumb in an "L" and the dick size is the distance from the tip of your thumb to the finger. For me the second one is exactly right lol

patrickmajors avatar patrickmajor Yeah You Are +8Reply

Lol mikehunt
anyone else get the joke?

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Shut up wobbuffet, you have a tiny penis.

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I won't lie, I did. I heard that the space from the beginning of your palm to the tip of your middle finger is the size. I don't if it's right, though.

Readers avatar Reader Yeah You Are +1Reply

Id cry if either of those were true.

...i am now

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I always just hoped it would be pretty big since I'm half black. And I know that the biology has nothing to do with each other, but my breasts are pretty big, so again with the assumption

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I just look down.

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