You have that one peice on jewelry or clothing that you just have to have on. If you don't, you feel naked, amirite?

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I feel pretty naked without my clothes on.

@DontJudge I feel pretty naked without my clothes on.

You look pretty naked without your clothes on hello smilie

...Does a Swiss Army knife count? It should count.

colettes avatar colette Yeah You Are +11Reply

My diamond-woven clothing and gold thong

MachoCheezs avatar MachoCheez Yeah You Are +9Reply

My high school issued us laptops, and for those laptops they issued us bulky, poorly-designed cases engineered to give us back problems, the use of which is mandatory. It takes me about a week every summer to get used to the lack of laptop case tugging on my right shoulder.

FlyingGuineaPigs avatar FlyingGuineaPig Yeah You Are +8Reply

My watch. If I forget it, I keep looking at my wrist and it takes me about 5 seconds to realize that there's nothing there.

ali_ds avatar ali_d Yeah You Are +8Reply

My birthday suit.

Does my hairtie count? It should count considering I have a tan life where I keep it on my wrist

Off topic, but i don't know why people feel that walking around naked feels nice. I hated it, I couldn't concentrate on anything until I had a bra and underwear on.

.....like a bra....?

I always wear a ring on my middle, left finger. I've been wearing it for a few years now and I feel so naked without it.

Kaitlyns avatar Kaitlyn Yeah You Are +2Reply

My gold bangle. Idk why, it's not very significant, I guess it's sort of a good luck charm.

That and underwear, it'd be weird without underwear...

Fairy septagram necklace. I took it off to clean, I almost freaked out thinking I'd lost it. And before that, my Superman logo necklace... I really did lose that one.

Aimzs avatar Aimz Yeah You Are 0Reply

When I have nothing in my pockets.

It's not officially jewelry.. It's a braided bracelet I made myself. I've had to replace it because it got worn out and fell off or some other way was removed from my arm. Those moments that I didn't have it... Those were bad moments. I felt like my would had been taken from me!! :(

Cassandras avatar Cassandra Yeah You Are 0Reply

My watch, my knife, and my pen. I guess the knife and pen wouldn't really count as jewelry or clothing, though. Still, I feel incomplete without them.

littletanks avatar littletank Yeah You Are 0Reply

I have 7 rings, 1 necklace, 2 bracelets and a rubber band around my wrist, all of which I never take off, except for 4 of the rings that I take off when I shower and put back on immediately afterwards.

Nail polish!

Anonymous 0Reply

A cross necklace that I made at youth group our of horeshoe nails and wire

TheycallmeStans avatar TheycallmeStan Yeah You Are 0Reply

The necklace and promise ring my boyfriend gave me. The necklace I can kinda get by without, but I very rarely take the ring off and if I have to, I put it back on as soon as possible.

dragonrider713s avatar dragonrider713 Yeah You Are 0Reply

My watch. I lost it a few weeks ago and I felt so naked until I got my replacement watch.

KirbyPaints avatar KirbyPaint Yeah You Are 0Reply

in my case, that'd be a skateboard

starkes avatar starke Yeah You Are -1Reply
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