Easter is not about chocolate, we celebrate it in honour of the day Jesus hatched from the egg of the Easter bunny, amirite?

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This actually made me lol!!

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thats an interesting way of puting it.

No you goof ball, celebrate Easter to praise and remember the fact Our Lord and King Jesus has risen. To our Unfortun, ignorant people like don't know or care. --your doomed

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you mean jesus isn't the easter bunny?

jessts avatar jesst Yeah You Are -2Reply
@jesst you mean jesus isn't the easter bunny?

No silly! He's the SON of the Easter bunny! :)

AgaDoos avatar AgaDoo Yeah You Are -2Reply

Yeah, the CHOCOLATE egg. God, some people are so uneducated.

ThreeScoopMavens avatar ThreeScoopMaven Yeah You Are -2Reply

that's what the catholics would have you believe

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