"Singin' in the Rain" and "Umbrella" would make a good mix, amirite?

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of course, they did it on glee :)

IdkWat2Puts avatar IdkWat2Put Yeah You Are +41Reply
@IdkWat2Put of course, they did it on glee :)

it was the only song i ever bought from glee :)

bLuE_eLeMeNts avatar bLuE_eLeMeNt Yeah You Are +1Reply
@IdkWat2Put of course, they did it on glee :)

smooth cheating off of glee tsk tsk jk

ad_zink1818s avatar ad_zink1818 Yeah You Are 0Reply

Didn't they do that on Bones or somethings?

lovemrhatandclogss avatar lovemrhatandclogs Yeah You Are +23Reply

insert yet another comment crediting Glee here

Glee did it. I just thought I'd let you know since it seems nobody else has mentioned it.

Chapsticks avatar Chapstick Yeah You Are +18Reply

hmmm, i wonder why you thought those two up? glee!

GLEE! :)

StayBeautifuls avatar StayBeautiful Yeah You Are +10Reply

Your wish is granted.
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wow, i have to give you credit for being smart enough to rip something off like that. You did it in such a sincere way that even the people who did actually see it on glee might think that you came up with it yourself.


emilyolafsons avatar emilyolafson Yeah You Are +6Reply

already been done

Not like you haven't heard this one before but:


Anonymous +1Reply

Meet Glee.

Anonymous 0Reply

I am almost positive it was on House.
Or maybe Hannah Montanna...hmmm.

Anonymous 0Reply

I thought that mix sucked....

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