You've wondered about the teacher drama at your school, I mean, come on, there has to be some, amirite?

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there was amazing drama at mine.
Our Graphics teacher was dating the (I have no idea what she taught but she was nice) teacher and he sold his phone to a sixth form student in the school morning without his girlfriend knowing, she decided to send a sexy text to him, rather a naked picture of him with a pillow on his crotch and a sexy note, the kid who got the phone obviously LOL'd and sent it to EVERYBODY! Shame was everywhere, it was hilarious, the Graphics teacher was incredible gorgeous untill we saw him naked D:

My own teacher got the other teacher pregnant. So she divorced her husband, but they didn't get married or anything. They just take turns picking up the kid.

How do us students know?

The one teacher had her kid, and when we saw her with this newborn baby we were like, "Aww! Whose baby is that?" And she said it was hers. Then we saw the OTHER teacher with the same baby, and he said it was his too. Now that it's like a year later, that kid calls her mommy and him daddy.


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The chorus teacher at my old middle school had an affair with one of the band directors and when her husband found out he killed himself. The chorus teacher then moved to another state with the band director and married him, yet he commited suicide as well a year or so after they moved. Tragic yet shady at the same time.

Both of my parents are teachers, and my mom taught at my school. I knew all of the teacher drama, cliques, and what they thought of the students. :)

I asked my math teacher last year if teachers have secret cliques that the students don't know about in the staff room and stuff. She said they do and everyone in the classroom was shocked. It was pretty funny. Then she had to explain the teacher cliques to us.

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last year my principal and vice principal both got divorced so they could marry each other...it was awkward..

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I'm homeschooled lol

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My 8th grade and 7th grade teachers had a thing. He was married. She got preggo....then I went to 9th at a new school. I always wonder about them

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well im from a small town where everyone knows everyone and knows everything too a lot of my teachers have had affairs with the other teachers spouses and the students. . .

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for some reason i thought this post was talking about drama teachers? haha wow

You guys all have really exciting schools! Actually, now that I think about, my principal of my middle school was dating/engaged? to this teacher, and he just retired, so...

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@avpmforthewin You guys all have really exciting schools! Actually, now that I think about, my principal of my middle school was...

And they gave my brother and his roommates a free love seat. Not really relevant to teacher drama, but just kinda weird.

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My mom's a teacher, so whenever she's with her teacher friends, they're always gossiping about other teachers. It's... Weird?

I had a teacher who left the school because of a relationship with another teacher that fell through. They'd kiss secretly in the hallways, it was so gross. Teachers shouldn't have lives. wary smilie

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