It's annoying when non-American singers sing with fake American accents, amirite?

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Most of the time if someone has an accent, you can't tell when they sing. I don't think these people are doing it on purpose.

There is no american accent.. we're an incredibly diverse country

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I think I do a pretty good English accent but everyone in America thinks it sucks because I don't do the typical posh accent the rest of them do

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no but I want to. Ive just seen the Beatles movies about 100 times and listen to a bunch of people from Birmingham give interviews.

It's not annoying, it's just the way you're traditionally supposed to shape your vowels when you sing usually minimizes the person's accent.

Most accents don't come through in singing, like purplemonkeys545 said.

Cheryl Cole ALWAYS does. in reality her accent is WAY too hard to understand but when she sings, its like it miraculously disappears.

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I think OP was making fun of the Americans who sing with an accent.

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