The TV game show Cash Cab is rigged... you have to sign up to be on the show! This makes you so upset, amirite?

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duuude they probabaly find you on the street, sign you up, then re record the whole "finding you " scene.

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@duuude they probabaly find you on the street, sign you up, then re record the whole "finding you " scene.

That's exactly how it happens. Once on Discovery they showed the "behind the scenes" of the show and that's how it happens.

I'm calling bullshit.

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This is a lie.

Nope. Someone who works for my dad was on the one in NYC. They do randomly choose people, but they also tell you before you get in. No one is really surprised.


Read the "Are the Contestants Actually Random?" part, it explains it a little better :) Basically some are real and random off the street, and the ones that "tryout" don't know that it's for cash cab. they are told that a cab will pick them up and take them to the filming place but the cab that picks them up is cash cab. So it's not all acting and fake.

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@lost_meg WHAT?!?!?!

i know!!!!! this is BLASPHEMY!!!

@pterodactylpower i know!!!!! this is BLASPHEMY!!!

so the whole time that I was in NYC and was looking for it, it didn't exist?!?!?

@except that it's in Toronto, and not NYC.

(Anonymous):Except that its in NYC and not Toronto

@shannonnn (Anonymous):Except that its in NYC and not Toronto

theres actually one in toronto aswell. they both have their own tv show

So someone on the Amazing Race couldn't end up in the Cash Cab??!!

WHATTTTT!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dreams crushed.

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This is a terrible post.

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I am watching Cash Cab at this very moment...

Most people are pre-picked, but they are usually told that they are being picked up to go to the filming location. That way they are surprised.

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they always act suprised

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fuck you cock suckers

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you guys are fucking stupid the cash cab does exist it exists in many place including calgary, toronto and nyc... if you really want to find out if its rigged call the makers or go out and see for yourselves...

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