What do you call an intelligent man in America?
A tourist. amirite?

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hahahaha funnnyyyy. it only gets so many downs cz there are so many americans on this website. if it was about another country, people would like it more

It looks like I was too late to say inb4 insulted americans.

My god people, it's a joke! If you're so offended go make a post like this about English people.

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Lame. I'm Argentinean, but now live in the US. The US certainly does not have a monopoly on idiots.

Uh oh looks like we ran out of chill pills :O

Come one it's a joke, and a rather funny one at that.

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I'm American and I think it's a pretty funny post. XD

Also, people need to learn to take a joke.

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Americans only dislike it because they know it's true. All the foreign exchange students here say school in America is much easier than in their country.

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I'm American and I lol'd

I thought it was funny...

guidetolifes avatar guidetolife Yeah You Are 0Reply

Yeah, go ahead and say that on the internet, INVENTED IN AMERICA.

I laughed hard at this, even though I'm American.

Do they really have schools in america? The joke is brilliant but also true; americans should realise that they are the most disliked race on earth.

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why they say so ?

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Besides this gross generalization, you do realize that a lot of tourists in America are AMERICANS? Sterotypically tourists are from the Midwest/any state not on the coast, wearing a Hawaiian shirt, socks with sandals and lack any form of navigational ability. If you would like lump foreign tourists with this group, go ahead.

It's funny because it sucks.

If you don't like America so much, then why don't you get off this AMERICAN website, huh?

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English? As in Iranian?


Call the cops

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