Of all the book characters that people name their children after, Hermione never really caught on, amirite?

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im making a packt... if i have four girls, my fourth girls name will be hermione.

i so would, but i don't want my kid to be the one with a weird name from a book.

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any girl named hermione would have a ton to live up to...she would have to be beautiful and seriously brilliant and a good kid in general...man that would suck

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Probably because it couldn't really pass as a normal name like "Harry" or "Ron".

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'Tis a sad thing.
I would name a child that, but people could make fun of her... I DK... as long as her name wasn't Granger it wouldn't be to bad.

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its because people probably will end up pronouncing it like "her-my-one" or "hermy-own"

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FYI Hermione is already a character from a Winter's Tale. I don't know too many Perditas either.

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Winter's Tale <3

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