In a way, Taylor Swift's songs are unique, but the one thing that you can't do is relate yourself to them because they are so specific. Example: You were in college working part time waiting tables. What if you've never been to college or worked a day in your life? amirite?

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Taylor Swift sucks.

@escape_this Taylor Swift sucks.

So does your mom, but we don't post about her, do we? hello smilie

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I've found that if I change a few words in quite a few songs, then I can easily fit them to my situation.
Back to December is an excellent example of this.

Why does the situation need to fit completely before you're able to relate to it? For example, you can relate to "behind blue eyes" without having blue eyes, right?

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Actually, I think I can relate to her innocent love songs way more than those songs about liking some random stripper "up in da club."

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Some songs have gotten pretty damn close though...I love her songs.

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I said unique so it didn't get immediately flamed ^^

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You made a rebel of a careless man's careful daughter. What if your father isn't careless. Or, never make our parents mistakes. What if your parents are together?

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Or you are too young to work or go to college dumbfuck.

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@Or you are too young to work or go to college dumbfuck.

Either way you haven't done it.

BTW I assume you're 11 and feel really cool saying "dumbfuck"

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No. I'm not.

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then, you're a lazy shit.

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well then, maybe when you reach her age, you will relate to them?? just a thought..

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Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realise you were better than everybody else. Some people need to 'wait tables' to make ends meet while they study, or just make ends meet day to day. I'd be interested to know what you're doing while you're at college...

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True. Just the way you said it, came across a little condescending... This is a pointless conversation, lol. Taylor Swift sucks, imo. But it's like saying 'Eminem sucks, i don't relate to that!". Millions of people do, in both respects...

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And in the same sense, everybody can relate to working a "9-5" job while in school..

Eh, whatever. You win..

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