Color is just a pigment of the imagination. amirite?

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its light reflection, and yes i get the joke/pun

Jeez, I know what color is!

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I guess you don't get the joke...

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Colour is the specific wavelength of visible light reflected by the atoms/ions/molecules of an object/substance. There is nothing imaginary about it, so it if not a figment of the imagination. It is a pigment of objects. The pigment of the imagination is grey. As in grey matter, which generates imagination. White matter is light grey.

@B10ckH34d And yet you made this post?

The post is a pun. You know, a joke? Good lord, take a moment, chill and see the funnier side of life.


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@The post is a pun. You know, a joke? Good lord, take a moment, chill and see the funnier side of life...

Making something a joke doesn't make it legitimate. This joke suggests that colour is imaginary and doesn't really exist. For it to be a true pun, it must hint at something true, like you say someone is punny when they are funny and make puns. It can be sarcasm to say that their puns suck. That is possible because humour is relative, but science is not. On top of that, not all colour is pigment, as some of it can be light itself instead of an object reflecting light, but I didn't pick on that because colour does exist in the pigment form. Colour never comes close to being imaginary, so the joke doesn't make sense to a science nazi like me.

@TheCombatWombat You must be one of those people born without a sense of humor. I pity you.

I have a sense of humour. Just not for things that are not only unscientific, but anti-scientific. Warping the laws and facts of science should remain in comedy and fantasy.

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