"Wow, you're mature for a freshman!"
Yeah, and you're a pretty messed up sophomore if you really think our 3 month age difference affects our maturity levels that greatly, amirite?

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It can have a great effect. Because of the people you would associate with as a freshmen. You'd hang out with kids who were younger and less mature, and likely that would affect your attitude as well

its not about the age, its about the experience aquired by GOING through freshman year. . .

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3 months is the difference from the end of freshman year to the BEGINNING of a sophomore. That would be impossible to be at any point in time for the students, only in a hypothetical situation.

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o__O I have been told I am mature for a freshman. I don't disagree, but I'm pretty sure people only say that because they are immature. I have met about 1-5 mature people so far...Not even it seems.

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You lie! I disagreed and I'm a junior. Bad logic, bad.

If you were born in August of '95, you could likely be a sophomore, at least where I live. Being born in September of '95 could mean you're a freshman.So there?

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Wait, what? I couldn't understand a thing you said.

Alright. I'm not even a freshman, I've been. I used to random grades as an example. Because "the freshman experience" is so enlightening and amazing? Lmao.

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Clearly you don't speak English very well if you don't know how to use punctuation. If you don't wanna take my word that I'm a junior, that's fine. You go on and think what you want and continue to give my comments a negative rating. It's just sad how you're the one acting so immature for your age. Alright, I'm done. Have a nice night.

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Yup. You're right. I'm a bitch, whore, dumb freshman who constantly lies over the internet, and definitely keeps up a stupid fight with an ignorant girl like yourself. I fell for your last comment, but I'm done, okay? You seem like you're the one getting mad.

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Nah, I just spat out everything I expected you to keep calling me. Trying to make your life easier by going along with it. You done yet?

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Not anymore. You go ahead.

Most sophomores at my school are 16 and 15, compared to the freshmen who are mostly 14.
Seems to be more than three months, and three months can actually make a difference.

Well, I'm a sophomore and im 16 and most of the freshmen at my school are about 14..lol.

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