Girls, great diet idea. Buy expensive lipstick that looks great on you, and then eat really slowly and carefully so it doesn't rub off, and so you don't waste the lipstick by reapplying. When you eat like that, you eat less, amirite?

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Or you could go on the water diet!
Just eat/drink:
Water salad
Water soup
Water pancakes

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Ooooor. Buy a super expensive dress or whatever and make it however many sizes smaller you wanna be. Throw away the reciept and thus making you wanna loose weight o fit in it

Or you could just eat healthily and excersise.

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@Or you could just eat healthily and excersise.

but that just sucks, and I'm lazy.

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Lipstick is gross. It's made of lard.

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Ew, diets. I'm good thanks.

Eating slowly gives your stomach more time to digest, thus allowing you to consume even more food. If you eat quickly, your stomach will fill up quickly.

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your* brain

But, touche.

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