A good way to tell if someone's too young for you: divide your own age by two and add 7. If they're under that number, too young. amirite?

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15.5. Darn. I can't touch half the freshmen at my school until summer!

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hm. so if someone was 66 then that'd be 66 / 2 = 33 + 7 = 40...If I was forty I wouldn't date someone old enough to be my mom o.O

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18 / 2 = 9 + 7 = 16.
This guy I like is 16 o_o

...12/2= 6+7= 13
Can't date people your own age~

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@Egotistical You're twelve?

Lol, no. I'm sixteen. But if a twelve year old was to use this rule...

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This is an important rule to obey.
At least after age 14...

This is a good rule. It also implies that anyone under 14 is too young under any circumstances; if my kids end up being the type who want to date when they're 10 I'll be sure to remember this.

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What if you're 14? 14/2+7=14. so you're not allowed to date a 13yrold?

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i happen to think that 47 is a little young for an 80 year old....

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This is in the bro code haha.

I love this rule. Been using it for ages.

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17/2= 8 and a half, plus 7= 15 and a half...
It doesn't seem very wrong for me to date a 15 year old to me.

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Ha, they used this on Parks and Rec

This is good until you're about 30 or so...Then it gets sketchy

@MrNoWay This is good until you're about 30 or so...Then it gets sketchy

No way, a 30 year old dating a 22 year old? That's fine. The older you get the more age doesn't really matter.

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Why are there so many 14 year olds?! O.o

8th grade, or freshmen. C'mon now.

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I'm 15 and am not supposed to date anyone under 14 and a half, not that I would date anyone younger than that anyway. I also think it's trying to say that if you're 13 and younger, you just shouldn't date.

This is a pretty silly rule I gotta say. It's more important to date someone of the same maturity level who you can relate to, than somebody who's at least your age divided by two plus seven years old.

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@This is a pretty silly rule I gotta say. It's more important to date someone of the same maturity level who you...

You're half right. I don't adhere to this rule either when I'm actually dating. I do the cacluation in my head and then ignore it if they have massive tits.

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Meeeh I'll stick to my jailbait

Why is there so many 14 year olds on here? I was on myspace ad MLIA when I was 14...

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yeah, I watch matt koval, too. he's awesome.

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I can't date anyone younger than 16.5, I wouldn't even want to date a 16 year old lol

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and if the number you get is higher than your current age, then you're too young to be dating

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Lol that's what I got too!


on your page it says you're 18................

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Your lying. You are obviously 14, but you are scared of pedos, so you put 18 on your profile. You accidently revealed your age, and to get out of it, you made it a joke. You are 14.


Yah Im dating a 13 year old and I'm 14 so apparently she is too young??? hah

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did this come from parks and rec or has it always been a thing?

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I'm 14, and my boyfriend is 13...

i'm 14 so it'd just be the same number 0.O

im 15
15/2= 7.5+7= 14.5
ok so no one younger then 14.5 got it.

I'm 14 and if I divide that age by half and add 7 I get 14. I KNEW IT! ALL THOSE BOYS WERE WAY TOO YOUNG FOR ME! :D

Fack, i'm too young for my boyfriend :|

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@Fack, i'm too young for my boyfriend :|

You could just say fuck? fack sounds like your a cussing duck

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