Ladies, for at least one moment in your life, you've wished you could move all the fat in your body to your boobs, amirite?

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I think I'd rather be proportional haha. And besides, having big boobs is annoying and somewhat painful.

vondahls avatar vondahl No Way +11Reply

Duh. Boob reduction because of back pain is a lot more accepted than "I am fat and want it sucked out." You can claim NHS help for it.

_Z_s avatar _Z_ Yeah You Are +5Reply

Fat in the breast area is what causes sagging. So if you want enormous, saggy boobs, then go ahead, wish away.

I've been wishing that for you ladies, ALL my life!

Yeah, the fat from my thighs and waist would go to my boobs and butt, and I'll have an hour glass figure.
Sigh. If only.

Readers avatar Reader Yeah You Are +3Reply

The image is awkward.

My boobs are big enough as it is, no thank you!

I do now. XD

To my butt.

lESliE418s avatar lESliE418 Yeah You Are +1Reply

Not all of it I'd look like a lopsided freak.

528491s avatar 528491 No Way +1Reply

What If you have no fat to move?

@Mads stop being so annorexic.

I don't mean to be.. -.- I just don't ever gain weight.

With my boob size and weight, I'm actually pretty proportionate, so no.

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