It's disgusting how people go around stealing other people's hard earned money, amirite?

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Well, this is very true and I really don't condone stealing at all, but what one must also realize is that it's typically a symptom of a much bigger issue. This is NOT directed at people who steal identities in order to get themselves extravagant luxury items. What I mean is that when a system such as our economy takes so much power and precedence over our society, the only way to really get along is to go through the proper channels within the system or go off the grid and pretty much reject the society that the economy brings. However, with that system, there needs to be VERY careful and well placed balances within it to make certain that no one gets too good at using it and no one is left with nothing, which almost completely shuts down their ability to properly live in society as the system intended. When people can't honestly use the system to even get basic human needs such as shelter and food, I honestly don't judge them too harshly for using whatever methods outside the system that failed them to gain something more than a miserable existence. As of now, there just clearly isn't enough proper distribution of power within our economic system.

@MrRite Well, this is very true and I really don't condone stealing at all, but what one must also realize is that it's...

Now, I myself have been stolen from. My car was broken into once and anything of value was removed from it. Even a roll of quarters. The theft of mere pocket change signaled to me that it was likely a move of desperation than greed. Could it still have been just greed? Absolutely. However, I do believe it was an act of desperation. Once again, if you look at it objectively, it is still up to each human to make that decision to do the horrible thing of making an already struggling person's situation harder for the sake of improving their own existence, but I challenge you to live an impoverished life and be unable to use the system in place to get basic human essentials, be it through a real disability not allowing you to find a real paying job or there just be no paying jobs available to you. Imagine that there are perhaps even children in your care in that situation. Do you think you'd be able to live like that for the rest of your life without even considering taking from someone whom you perceive has a better living situation than you?

That's why insurance companies were created. So that when someone works hard to steal money someone else worked hard to get they both get the financial benefits of working hard and the multi-billion dollar company you pay for 'just in case' senarios gets ripped off

Hey, its hard work stealing money from other people who worked hard to earn it.

It's the law of nature, if you can't keep it you don't deserve it.

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