It'd be kinda cool to have a food as your street name. Ex. Spaghetti Street. "I live on spaghetti." amirite?

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...85424 550th isn't fun. ='(

It would be better if the name of the town was spaghetti. I live IN spaghetti!

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I was born in a city called Kandy, pronounced candy.

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I have a friend who used to live on a street called Candy Lane, in Happy Valley. No joke. It's in Adelaide, Australia. Check it yourself :/

I have a friend who got to name their road because they are the only ones on it....they named it Tater Tot way

I know someone whose street name is Gingerbread.

I used to live on Pringle Way. Then I moved to a town that has a Sesame Street and an Easy Street.

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