Being a citizen of a wealthy country, most likely living in a comfortable house and a safe community, you wonder how it would be like to be born somewhere like Bangladesh or Zimbabwe, amirite?

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Well actually, .01 percent of Bangladesh is urban. The rest of it's all pretty much country. I was born there so i can say that without sounding like a prick.

My best friend was born in Zimbabwe(who knew you could be white and from Zim) and because of all the poverty they moved to South Africa when she was 7. Now she's in Cape Town and she loves it but she misses home, no matter how crappy it is.

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It's sad how some nations just can't seem to give opportunities for happy, healthy living. Bad governments, political unrest, depraved economies, etc. I've been in USA my whole life, but I do wonder sometimes if I could handle living somewhere like that.

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Well I'm from South Africa and even though I live very comfortably and have nice things, I have no idea what safe is. When I'm overseas I still look over my shoulder and feel unsafe. Its sad how it just becomes a way of life. If I ever leave here, I don't think I'd grow out of the mentality I've grown up with.

There are pretty places in Zimbabweye and Bangladesh too.

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I'm from Bangladesh, and when I went this summer to visit, we went to a place called Banani where we stayed at a beautiful home with 5 bedrooms and then we went somewhere else where we were spoiled by servants and margaritas. BD is actually really modernized. I mean everywhere has a lot of poverty, look at the white trash in America.

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@I'm from Bangladesh, and when I went this summer to visit, we went to a place called Banani where we stayed at a...

Clearly, you are in the minority there. I'm not saying there aren't nice places in Bangladesh, or slummy areas in the USA, but I am making generalities based on the facts. Bangladesh is one of the world's poorest places by GDP; most of its citizens live in poverty. The United States has one of the highest GDPs, and most Americans live very comfortably in comparison.

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