Survivor and American Idol should have been cancelled seasons ago, amirite?

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survivor is like my favorite show

American Idol should've been cancelled already.
Paula is gone, and so is Simon. What's the point?

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I LOVE American Idol. But it hasn't been the same since Paula left, and it's going to be even worse without Simon. They should just end it now.

no just american idol, survivor will always be great

Really? I didn't know people still watched those shows. I haven't watched survivor in 6 years. And I hate dancing with the stars

Justaguesss avatar Justaguess Yeah You Are +2Reply

I think American Idol should be canceled; It was enjoyed but now its just annoying and takes up space in the TV guide.
On the other hand, I agree Survivor has gotten worse over the years, but it is still a good show. The previous seasons were amazing, and these season were okay, but it doesn't deserve to be canceled.

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well with Paula and Simon gone (and even Kara), Idol is turning into Survivor. which judge will ne voted off next?

I have to agree that this season of survivor is kind of boring; but don't cancel it
As for American Idol, I don't really care if it gets cancelled, i only watch the auditions

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American Idol has been going on for far too long and just takes up space which could be filled with quality programming. I don't care if some kid get bullied for being fat and now sings like Dean Martin, and I couldn't give less of a shit if some queer can sing real good and uses sympathy from his car accident to stay around on the show...Time for a little TV euthenasia. Put AI out of it's misery and put something good in it's place!

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the only time i watched american idol was the season with ruben studdard...that was like in fifth grade xD

guineasaurusrexs avatar guineasaurusrex Yeah You Are -1Reply

Survivor = YES!!!!
American Idol = NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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