Do you know why the wedding ring is placed on the fourth finger from the thumb on your left hand? Because it's the only finger that has a vein that's directly connected to our heart, amirite?

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it's not even posed as a real question. It's basically questioning whether the fact is real or not, as if the OP expected us to research and find out. How do these things get through?

this is an opinion site, not a fact site. dont post facts

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is that why its the weakest finger?

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The idea was conceived way back in Ancient Roman times before they had knowledge of the human circulatory system and didn't realize that the hearrt had no effect on emotions. Now in modern science, technically all veins lead to the heart, as far as there aren't any detours. If the post means there is a vein that goes directly from the ring finger to the heart without combining with others, it's wrong because all veins from the upper body combine in the superior vena cava before entering the heart (and I'm sure it combines with other veins before that too).

Even if that's true, you're heart doesn't control your love for someone; you're brain does. Honestly, I don't understand this "your heart tells your feelings" idiom. Quit being a hopeless romantic. Barf.

Lol what a waste of cardiac output if this were true. The only veins that connect directly to the heart are the ones from the lungs and the venae cavae, and none of these connect directly to a finger. I won't apologise for being the voice of reason a killjoy.


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Yeah. That's not true. Blow it out your ass OP.

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