Everyone has a sound that makes them cringe, amirite?

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That irritating sound that you here whenever a politician opens their mouth.

TheCombatWombats avatar TheCombatWombat Yeah You Are +33Reply

styrofoam rubbing against styrofoam...

brunetterox915s avatar brunetterox915 Yeah You Are +15Reply

Silverware scraping on a plate x_x

Tallglassofwaters avatar Tallglassofwater Yeah You Are +12Reply

The laughter of little children.

Anything that comes out of my algebra 2 teacher's mouth.

EstoniaObsesseds avatar EstoniaObsessed Yeah You Are +8Reply

Mine is two napkins rubbing together.cringe at thought

mchristies avatar mchristie Yeah You Are +7Reply

mine is when someone slides styrofoam across a surface and it makes that little squeaky sound. ....!

That sound that flip-flops make when people drag them on the ground instead of picking up their damn feet.

Stepharoos avatar Stepharoo Yeah You Are +6Reply

The squeaking of mechanical pencil lead. Bleh.

straight ice being blended

Scratching PAPER with fingernails. ibvLV haeuhrviaeurvjaeif iahe9r8

Sierra43s avatar Sierra43 Yeah You Are +5Reply
  • Someone chewing with their mouth open.
  • Nails on a chalkboard.
  • Silverware on a plate.
  • Metal pans touching each other.. or anything else for that matter.
  • High-pitched yelping of a dog.

ag. D;

lucichs avatar lucich Yeah You Are +4Reply

I can't stand the sound of someone scratching their head...it doesn't bother me when I scratch my own head, but if it's someone else, I cringe.

Anonymous +4Reply

when other girls file their nails :O

lb7851s avatar lb7851 Yeah You Are +4Reply

Styrofoam against cardboard...shudder

reading these comments made my imaginary ears hurt :(

the sound and feel of filing your nails

RunThePacifics avatar RunThePacific Yeah You Are +3Reply


Zeerusts avatar Zeerust Yeah You Are +2Reply

people snapping,
rubbing hands together,
people incessantly sniffling,
people cracking anything (necks, fingers, back)

jaimiee16s avatar jaimiee16 Yeah You Are +2Reply

when people make noises with their mouth. eating or not. my mom takes at least 10 minutes cleaning her teeth with her tongue after eating, and it annoys the shit out of me.

Anonymous +2Reply

Cloth rubbing against other cloth.
Or the thought of licking cloth. o_O

Anonymous +2Reply

Or actions, too.

Mine are:

-Knives scraping a plate
-Papercutting your bellend
-Nails on a chalkboard

And more...

SexyMonkeys avatar SexyMonkey Yeah You Are +1Reply

Alarm clocks and digital watch beeps that are super high pitched. My dad's watch does that every hour.

Dominos avatar Domino Yeah You Are +1Reply

rubbing a balloon with your hands or rubbing a towel against a fogged up mirror

Anonymous +1Reply

I hate almost any high pitched noise

Me_Doss avatar Me_Dos Yeah You Are 0Reply

When my sister is watching star trek.

Anonymous 0Reply

I can't stand the sound of someone scratching their head...it doesn't bother me when I scratch my own head, but if it's someone else, I cringe.

Anonymous 0Reply

I can't stand someone chewing their gum noisily or anything rubbing against something and it grates against it kinda like nails on a chalk board.

just_lindseys avatar just_lindsey Yeah You Are 0Reply

Chewing o.O

track_stars avatar track_star Yeah You Are 0Reply

Rihanna singing live.

The sound that happens when you walk on snow. It's kind of like a styrofoam

Anything involving a chalkboard

Lkuns avatar Lkun Yeah You Are 0Reply


Anonymous 0Reply
  • someone writing on paper with a whiteboard marker
  • when people rub their fingers (index and thumb) together on a page when turning it
  • someone filing their nails
  • high pitched whistling
Anonymous 0Reply

Can't stand it when people scratch their legs when they're wearing tights. This was always a problem at my school. Makes me shuddeerrrrrr.

Anonymous 0Reply

Mine would have to be:
when some one who sings very loudly and they're terrible
the x-files theme song make me cringe with fear
when someone rips paper in half very slowly

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