You feel kind of nerdy when you really like a teacher that everyone else thinks is mean, uncool, ugly, etc, amirite?

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And also like the only smart kid in the class, while all the idiots keep saying things like "oh shit, ANOTHER HOMEWORK? He's such a fucking idiot, we already had hw yesterday"

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That's me and my English teacher. Everyone (except the small percentage of kids that actually TRY in her class) thinks she's so mean and unfair but she is actually a great teacher and is genuinely nice. If they just worked instead bitched about her "hard marking" they would see that she is a fantastic at what she does and that she is trying to do her job well. Maybe then they would get off their high horses and actually WORK to get better marks.

This has been "Pointless Rant" with yours truly, MissAwesomeness

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