when you think about it,your whole life you are preparing. Grade 1 prepares you for grade 2, grade 2 for grade 3, overall, elementary school prepares you for high school, high school for university, university for a job, during your job you prepare for retirement, then when you retire you prepare yourself to die, amirite?

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I've seen this one before

It's kinda true though
And kinda sad
Your whole life is a preparation to die

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You're born, you eat, you shit and then you die. Hooray.

i'm preparing to die now :(

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see you in another life brotha

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@see you in another life brotha

Say hi to Jesus for me

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@Say hi to Jesus for me

im not going there.

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I'm pretty sure retirement isn't planning to die?

@kahleekat What else would they be preparing to do?

They might not be preparing for anything; they might just be enjoying life. That's why they try to move to nice places and relax.

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